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Who we Are


Founded in 1995 and dedicated to the commercialization of branded residential and contract furniture directly.

Throughout the experience acquired in over than 25 years as a representative firm in the furniture industry and with direct backup of the manufacturers, GRUPO CASTANEDA INC. has consolidated its presence by placing it's brands in important department and furniture stores throughout las Americas.

Together with the knowledge and experience from designers, architects and different sales teams, we have been exposed to the management of different styles and philosophies in the industry. We have been able to work in several contract and residential projects with elements of the highest standard in turn has helped us grow our business and customer satisfaction.

Diva Bar Table Set-up.jpg


Achieve optimal application of our processes to successfully deliver total satisfaction quality service to our clientele.



It is making increasingly accessible luxury and comfort to our clientele by providing furniture highest quality, thus extending our position in international markets.




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